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Message 3: Three's a Party

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

The Introduction

Let me introduce you to my womb mates, Reid and Laura. I am a TRIPLET and am honored to share this title with two amazing people in my life. I am so lucky that I not only get to call them two of my best friends, but also my sister and brother!

The Background Story

Here’s our story – My parents went to the hospital for whatever check up, and surprise, triplets!!! Although I wasn't there to witness the scene (obv.), I am sure my dad was just about ready to faint. My parents welcomed three “beautiful” babies into the world in May of 1996. It wasn’t until my teenage years that my sister and I were looking at baby pictures of our “birth” day and realized that we actually looked like teeny, tiny sunburned, alien babies.

Jokes, jokes, jokes. Kind of.

Q and A

Now, let’s talk about the most frequent questions I get asked when people find out I am a triplet.

1. Were your parents trying for multiples?

  • Short answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT.

  • Long answer: My parents already had two kids at the ages of four and two when my mom found out she was once again pregnant. When they decided to go for their 3rd and final child, they got three kids in their third go around!!! Now, if you’re halfway decent at math, you may be starting to realize that my parents did indeed have five kids under five years old. So, my advice, be careful what you wish for ;)

2. Were you natural? How long did you stay in the hospital before going home?

YES WE WERE. Can you believe that? My mom was thirty-six when I was born, and as you can imagine, she was a little worried about complications during birth and our health after. My sister Laura, a.k.a Laura Belles, was the healthiest of the three. She got to leave the hospital after five weeks. Reid, a.k.a Reid Meister, was in the NICU for six weeks to monitor weight gain. Megan, a.k.a Muffin (me), was in the NICU for seven weeks due to sleep apnea and low weight. Once we were all healthy enough to go home, it was time to start the journey as a family of seven. According to my mom, I got to come home with some bling, a monitor! It still blows my mind that my family went from four members to seven members in a matter of minutes!

3. Do you and your triplets get along? Who is the oldest?

Yes! Reid and Laura are two of my best friends, and I am so grateful that we get along as well as we do! When we were growing up, we always had teachers, family members, and the church community comment on how well we got along, even as young kids. I am happy to say that now, at 27 years old, we are still just as close. HOWEVER, those two came out swinging and kicked my ass out of the womb. I was born first at 3 lb. 9 oz. Reid was second at 3 lb. 2 oz. Laura took her sweet time baking and came out last at 3 lb. 1 oz. Because we were so small, my parents could hold us in the palm of their hand.

A few more pictures of me and my best friends ❤



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