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Message 5: My Experience as a Social Media Intern - Chattanooga Red Wolves SC Edition

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

I have been lucky enough to be working as a Social Media Intern for the Chattanooga Red Wolves SC, a professional soccer team in USL League One! Let me tell you a little bit about how a former teacher became an intern in a sport she’s loved since she was five years old.

It started in March of 2023 when I was looking around online for ways to make extra money on the weekends before my teaching contract ended. I came across a post on their Instagram account asking for game day staff. I applied on a Google Form and the Stadium Events and Operations Manager reached out to me for a phone interview! I got a job as a Guest Services Representative. I was in charge of clocking staff in/out and helping guests with any questions they had.

After a few weeks on the job, Lindsey, the girl who hired me, and I slowly became friends. She invited me to her apartment for a watch party while the men's team was playing away! Here, I got to meet DeAnna, the Social Media and Content Creation Coordinator for the team. We got to talking, and I shared my interest with her about a career change into Marketing. She gave me her supervisor's email and said to reach out to him for the possibility of an internship! Long story short, her boss was let go the day of my phone interview, and was rescheduled with the General Manager and Business Operations Manager of the club. After some slight confusion about what I was interviewing for… They let me join the organization as an intern! What I learned here was, “It doesn’t hurt to ask.” Changing careers at 27 years old has been a pretty scary process, but I’ve learned that putting yourself out there and networking with people in the field is the way to go (Yes, I know y’all have probably heard that before). But, in this situation, it worked ☺

Flash forward to September, I have now been interning with the Red Wolves for three months and have been LOVING every minute of it. I have been able to record and edit videos for socials, create graphics for game days, interview coaches and players, write press releases and pre/post match summaries, take photographs, and write copy for a carousel of photos. I was lucky enough to run the Lady Red Wolves social accounts for a few weeks at the end of their season over the summer and oversaw the Super League Chattanooga accounts during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. I have been working really hard to learn all I can while working with the team, and I am looking forward to learning more under DeAnna’s wing! After working hard the last few months, I was also offered the opportunity to work in Merchandise part time. They needed someone reliable and who was willing to take on the task… so of course I said yes! It has been such a joy to work in the sport I have loved since I was a little girl. I can’t wait to see how this experience helps me land my next job in Marketing.

The end of the season is slowly approaching with only two home games left. I can’t believe how fast the season flew by. There were many highs and lows with the club this season, but everyone is looking forward to rebuilding and growing in the 2024 season! If you would like to see more of what I do, head to my Gallery section on my website and view the “Sports” collection for an inside look into the Chattanooga Red Wolves Soccer Club.

Meet Katie! She was another intern I worked with for a few weeks while she was on summer break from school. We miss you so much. Have a great senior year!



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